Peter's Maze Builder Help Page

by Peter Sorotokin

Maze builder was the first real program that I wrote in my life and I keep fixing and rewriting it from time to time, mostly as a way to learn a language or a UI framework. This one I wrote when I was learning Win32 programming. It seems useful for these things:

  1. You can print a small maze (40x40) and give it to your (or other) kids. They love to solve them! Just be careful to get size up gradually for small kids, they do get frustrated if they cannot find a solution.
  2. You can print a large maze (300x300 and up) and hang it on the wall as a piece of art.
  3. You can use it in a game which requires you to draw a maze.

The program generates a random maze with an entrance and an exit that has exactly one correct way through the maze and a way to get to every point inside the maze. You can then look at the maze on screen, print it or save on disk in the following formats:

There is also a "copy" command to place the graphics on the clipboard (as metafile) so it can be pasted to a variety of programs (such as Microsoft Word or Paint).

I do not feel that I need to write real help for this program, since the number of options is very limited and you can simply try it if you don't understand what it is. It should not reformat your hard drive, but don't blame me if it does. NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND.

Download the latest version of the program for Windows.

Download the source code.

Visit the Maze Page for more maze building resources.