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Maze Applet (Java 1.0)

Enter your size and hit "Build!" to build a brand new maze! Use mouse to wander there (do not hit or hold buttons - just move it). By moving your mouse with its button pressed you can "drag" maze that does not fit into the window (or use scrollbars).  There is a newer version of this applet here (written in Java 1.1) that can print a maze on your printer, if you are persistent enough. 

Maze in... PostScript?

As some people know PostScript is actually a programming language. So it's possible to write a program that generates a maze in pure PostScript! What this means is that you can get this file (less than 3kb), print it on your PostScript printer and have a new maze every time! ( Note: this can be really slow, because PostScript is not fast programming language...) 

Maze in C

C program that generates a random maze (it's reasonably fast: I tried to print 800x800 maze - it works and looks pretty - though I did not even tried to solve it). You will have to compile this program to make executable (with command like 'cc Maze.c -o Maze' in UNIX). Run 'Maze -help' to get usage information.


An executable for Windows with UI is here.

Maze Machine

To create printable mazes in PDF format, go here. Be sure to try different types!

A couple of big mazes

These are in PDF format. Don't try to solve those!
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